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One of Those Days

Sundays seem to be made for air that smells like warm candlelight and sautéed garlic. 

Golden is such a lovely hue. 

I thought I was going to tell the world who I am and what I was going to be today.

Turns out you can’t really plan these things.

But you can plan morning coffee trips with the one you love. And maybe to do some yoga and meditation.

I don’t usually write at night like this but I’m trying a thing. Thanks for reading.

My heart is someplace in between the south of France and my underwear drawer and I really just don’t know what to do with that. 

I have more freedom than most but I still feel like my arms are connected to tiny lines of dental floss that tug when I get too dreamy. 

I find dental floss tends to evaporate around garlic and candlelight most evenings so I try to bring them into my life pretty often. 

They also just make me happy and I’m thinking that’s a pretty good enough reason. 

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